So as we are well into winter now, I thought I'd better get around to doing a post on my favourite nail colours for this season. As you can see I'm really liking the blues, whites and silvers this season, and most of them are shimmery, too. I don't know why but these colours always appeal to me during the winter. It must remind me of the snow and the sky (although here in Perth it never snows)!

At the moment, as I type this, I'm wearing the glittery silver shade from OPI. I've had this polish for maybe 2 years now (is that bad? Is there an expiry date for nail polishes? I don't know), and I love it very very much. The two polishes from Polished London I picked up only very recently, and have only worn them once or twice but I'll be definitely wearing them again before winter ends. The Sally Hansen nail polish is my first one in her range, and I still haven't tried that! It looks absolutely gorgeous though, so I had to include it in this post. And lastly, the dark blue glittery polish from Formula X. I've had this for 3 months now and let me just say - the quality of this stuff is amazing. Even though I love getting cheap makeup and nail polish, the expensive stuff from high quality brands is always worth the buy. The Formula X polish was over triple the amount of the Polished London one, but was SO WORTH IT - it had great staying power, and the pigments were amazing.

From left to right: Polished London in Miss Navy, Formula X in Vortex, Triple Shine by Sally Hansen in the shade 170 - Great White, Polished London (again) in Notting Hill, and OPI in the shade 025 Corrination.

What nail polishes will you be wearing for the rest of winter? Leave me a comment below; I'd love to have a chat. Oh and how are you liking my new blog design?

Bridget xx


  1. Its notwinter where I live but even so these polishes are lovely x

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it's rather confusing living in the southern hemisphere - everything is backward. haha xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! They are so gorgeous, I think even when it's summer I'll still be wearing winter colours because I love them so much :)