I'm 15 today.

Wow. Another year gone... and still so many to come. 

Right now, I'm in the middle of my teen years, as and these are the best years of our lives, I want to go about this year with no regrets, and so I can look back on this year and think of all the great times I had. However small they are, these are some of the things I'd like to achieve or do while being 15.

1 // Going to a music festival. A proper one, not an outdoor concert.

2 // Staying fit and healthy.

3 // Getting a part-time job in retail.

4 // Growing my hair out to my waist. Right now my hair sits a bit below my shoulders, and when straightened it reaches the top of my boobs, but I'd really like to grow it as far as I can, while keeping it in a really healthy condition.

5 // Making a bunch of new friends. I've always been kinda shy, and so I want to go out of my comfort zone to meet new people, and hopefully make some friends!

6 // As well as making new friends, I'd like to stay in contact with old friends.

6 // Being as fashionably put together as possible. Because fashion is always important. Obviously.

This was a bit of a short post today, but I'm posting my Birthday ootd and a birthday haul, so stay tuned for that coming later this week! Hope you enjoyed this post :)

Bridget xx


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Have a lovely day x

  2. Happy birthday! I hope you had an awesome day! (Sorry for the lateness)

    Cait x