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I have so many eye shadow palettes that I think it is becoming an addiction. Seriously, in the last few months I have accumulated so many that I haven't even had time to use them all! I decided that you might want to see these gorgeous palettes (and be warned - they are mostly nude and black shades) and how I am creating different looks with them. Hence this series, where I show you a few looks that you can create with each palette. Lets begin!

So my first palette is a selection of eye shadows (including two cheek shades, too) that I've had since the start of the year and haven't only used until recently. Is that bad or what? Although the colours in this palette are so gorgeous and I wish I had used it sooner. The looks I am creating with this eye shadow palette are: traditional shimmery smokey eye, a dramatic brown smokey eye, and a light, shimmery natural eye look.

Look one:: Traditional smokey eye
For this look I am using only the shades on the right side. So to start, first apply the lightest shade all over the eye area - including the lid, the crease and under the brow bone. Then cover just your lid with the shade below. With the next shade, only put on the eye shadow on the outer 2 thirds of your lid. Blend those shades together, and finally, blend the darkest shade into the crease and outer corners of your eyelid. Optionally, you can line your botto lash line with the darkest shade too.

Look two:: Brown smokey eye
As the colours on the right side are black/grey/silver, and the name of this look clear states 'brown', we will obviously only be using the colours on the left side of the palette. So, firstly use the lightest brown shade to cover your whole eye area, as described above. Using the next shade cover your whole lid. Then, with the third shade, you will need to just cover the outer 2 thirds of your lid, and blend well. To finish the brown smokey eye, apply the darkest colour to your crease and blend into the rest of your look, and then apply that same shade to your bottom lash line to line your eyes. As you can see the steps for this look are practically the same as the ones for the traditional smokey eye that I mentioned above, as they are both smokey eyes.

Look 3:: Simple shimmery look
This I'm still using four shades, but this look is definitely the easiest out of all the looks so far, and soon you will see why! Start with covering your whole eye area, up to your brow bone, with the lightest shade on the brown side. Then, using the lightest shade from the black side (haha the dark side) cover your whole lid. With the second shade on the brown side apply it to the crease to create dimension. For the finishing touch, line your bottom and top lash lines with the black shade.

(And with all these eye shadow looks you can use the blush shades with them, I just choose to not wear blush because of my naturally pink cheeks. Plus I also prefer the contoured and bronzed look.)

I hope you enjoyed this new style of post! If you like it, make sure to tell me as I would just love to create another using a different eye shadow palette, and as you know I have loads! See you soon,

Bridget xx

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