Hi there! *waves*

Before we get into the nitty gritty, lets start with a few facts about moi!
1 // My name’s Bridget, but I bet you already knew that. :) 
2 // I live in Perth, Australia
3 // As I am 15 years old I am currently attending high school. And although school’s hard, it’s just like they say - these are the best days of our lives, am I right?
4 // I luuurve music - especially hiphop and pop/techno. Songs you can bang your head along to are absolute perfection. *LEMME HEAR DA BASS DROP* *head bang*
5 // And, obviously, I have a huge love for all things make-up, fashion and beauty. (plus I bet you can’t take me seriously after what just happened)

So, you may be wonder, why did I start my blog? Well, there is no simple answer to this question. For some reason, before I even followed bloggers, the ideas just popped right into my head - I was going to start a blog. Over the next few years, I had many different blogs and all of them had a slightly different theme to them. None of them worked out, though, and I guess I was experimenting with platforms and content. Sometime last year, I launched my current blog, West Coast Style! I just love the name, don’t you? It really suits me and the content I aim to post.

Now, my reason for having a make-up and fashion blog:

To me, make-up is not a chore, or something I do to hide how I look. Yeah, sure, I admit I do get pimples from time to time which I cover with make-up, but even then I don’t mind if the redness peeks through by the end of the day. After all, we’re human, right? 

I’ve found that through the last few years, experimenting and using make-up, I’ve discovered how make-up is not only a fun thing to do, it’s is actually a way to express myself and how I’m feeling that day. I can even change how I’m feeling that day - if I know I look like a golden goddess, I’ll feel like a golden goddess, too. You get where I’m coming from?

And the last thing I want to address here is… my passion for fashion. (and yes, I’m aware how cliche that sounds)

Ever since I can remember I’ve always taken pride in my outfits. You should see the kind of things I wore in Kindergarten, haha. Daring and practical, that’s what I’d call my sense of style back then. Even now, I try to take fashion risks which still being practical at the same time. Dress for the occasion is probably my most important fashion tip. Heels to an outdoor concert? Short shorts in winter? I’ve been there, and it wasn’t pretty - I’ll give you that. 

On a lighter note, (not that what I just said before was dark or anything, but…) looking my best has always been, and always will be import to me. 

Lastly, my plan for this blog is that it will be my outlet on life, but mostly I’ll talk fashion and beauty. Along with lifestyle and blogging tips, there’ll be fun collabs and maybe even a youtube channel (wait, what? *squeal!*) to come. Trust me, you’ll want to stick around. ;)

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