Today I have a DIY for you all! Yay! ahah. This is my first DIY with many more to come... lets get started!

I created my inspo wall becuase I was tired of what my old magnet board looked like and I wanted some cute inspirational things up on my wall for me to see to make me smile :)

1 // First, I searched the internet for pics of things I love and printed them out.

2 // Cut out the pictures with scissors or a paper trimmer. I used a paper trimmer (it's my mum's actually) because it's easier and quicker than scissors.

3 // Get all your pictures, magnets and mini posters (mine are from DOLLY Magazine) and choose what you are going to put up (if you have limited space). I also included a newspaper article about TOPSHOP and ZARA coming to Perth City.

4 // I couldn't fit everything on, so I'm going to store the extra pics away for another day when I decide to change up my board again :)

And it's finished! I'm very happy with it - so cute!
Here's what mine looks like:

So that's it - thanks for reading! Leave a comment down below what other DIY's you want me to do in the future. :)

Bridget xx


  1. this looks so cool!! lovely post x