Hi everyone!

As it's time to get in the mood for back to school (which isn't going very well for me at the moment... ahaha), I thought I would create a few posts on make-up, hairstyles and DIYs that will help you get ready for going back to school.

The make-up look that I have created for today is a very natural look, since at most schools (including mine) you are not allowed to wear much make-up - or none at all. All the products I used are from the chemist because those products are much more affordable (and most of the time they work just as well as high-end products do). Lets get started!

PREP // A daily moisturizer ensures that your skin is feeling fresh, clean and smooth, ready for the school day. Before you go to bed the night before, or even when you get up in the morning, apply the Cetaphil moisturisong lotion. {And see if you can spot my cheeky photographer! haha) 

STEP ONE // Apply the Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream evenly all over your face - it has SPF15  to protect your skin (and mine) from the sun, especially as it's summer! Now, although I don't, you can use a concealer as well as a bb cream to cover dark circles and blemishes.

STEP TWO // To keep the BB cream {and concealer, if used} in place all day, use Rimmel's Stay Matte pressed powder.  

STEP THREE // Use Maybelline's superstay 24 hour powder to give yourself a natural glow - it is summer, after all!

STEP FOUR // All I'm doing on my eyes is curilng my lashes, and then applying my Maybelline Great Lash mascara in waterproof. Waterproof mascaras are a great idea if your school requires you to do swimming lessons, or if you know you will sweat lots during the day!

STEP FIVE // Brush through your brows and slightly fill them in using Rimmel's professional brow pencil.

STEP SIX // A final touch - apply Nivea's pearly shine lip balm to give your lips a nice, subtle colour, while also healing them at the same time. We actually didn't get pictures of this - sorry!

And viola! My natural make-up look is complete! It only take 5 minutes and is super easy to do.

Bridget xx

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  1. This is such a natural look perfect for school! Love this post and great pictures xx


  2. Hey Bridget! I nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    Cait x

  3. so cute aha!! xx

  4. I really liked this, was very natural, easy and affordable!


    1. Thank you! I love how easy and affordable it is, too! aha :)

  5. Wow! What a great natural make-up look! I'll definitely try this out for school!

    Elsie xxx