Hey everyone! Today I'm going to show you have to get the makeup look that have been wearing constantly these winter holidays. Featuring shimmery eyes, this look is definitely one of my faves! I will list all the products that I have used at the end.

To start I make sure I have clean skin, and then I apply the Nude by Nature Mineral Primer. Make sure you don't use too much primer otherwise it's staying powder will wear off faster. "Less is more". I'm putting this on with my fingers in circle motions so to not stretch my skin too much.

Then I use my favourite bb-cream - Maybelline's Pure Dream BB-Cream. As you can see the bottle looks quite worn out - this product is very loved! It's almost run out so I need to pop into the shops to get some more as soon as possible. The brush I am using is Real Technique's faoundation brush. This bush is amazing and works really well with Maybelline's BB-Cream. That reminds me - I probably should get around to washing my makeup brushes!

Then, using my favourite concealer, I'm covering up my dark circles and any blemishes I may have. I must say that the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer isn't too good at covering pimples so I wouldn't recommend it for that, but is amazing at brightening under the eyes. To apply I pat on the concealer with my middle and ring fingers.

And here are some flowers that were in a pot nearby, my sister got distracted while taking these pictures of me and decided to take pictures of plants. Although I must admit that she is a very good photographer!

To lock all my makeup in I'm using the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, and applying it with Nude by Nature's powder brush. this is a very good brush and product combination - it works fabulously for me each time, yay! 

Now, using Nude by Nature's bronzer and a powder brush from an unknown brand, I'm contouring my cheekbones & jawline, and bronzing up my face.

Now time for eye shadow! Using my fingers I'm applying Maybelline's MYN eye shadows to my lid. I start with the lighter shade and put that on my waterline and in the inner corner of my eyes, and with the darker shade I cover my whole lid (but don't go further than the crease).

I so love this Real Techniques eye shadow domed brush! It's amazing for blending the darker colour in the crease with the lighter shades. So the crease colour I'm using today is the dark brown on the bottom row of this palette. I think it's called Sun Club, and is by Essence. This palette, apart from the blue shades, is so amazing and I can create so many eye shadow looks with it.

Now for mascara! First I'm curling my lashes with an eyelash curler from Sportsgirl, and then the mascara is Rimmel's Rockin' Curves. This mascara is amazing and is definitely my favourite at the moment - although my mascara favourites are always changing! This mascara is true to it's name - the curves are absolutely amazing.

The finishing touch - filling in the eyebrows. I love this step as I just feel so put together after my eyebrows are done. I'm using the Rimmel Professional brow pencil to brush and fill in my brows.

And the look is done! Here is what my eyes look like:

Yay, I'm finished!

Products used:
Nude by Nature Mineral Primer
Maybelline Pure Dream BB Cream in medium
Real Techniques foundation brush
Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in ivory
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in translucent
Nude by Nature powder brush
Nude by Nature bronzer
Unknown brand brush
Maybelline MYN eye shadows
Essence Sun Club eye shadow palette - the dark brown shade
Real Techniques domed eye shadow brush
Sportsgirl eyelash curler
Rimmel Rockin' Curves mascara
Rimmel Professional eyebrow pencil in brown/black

So as you can see, I own a lots of products from Rimmel and Maybelline - I promise that's not on purpose! I just seem to gravitate towards them more when shopping. I really should branch out more. Which other brands do you guys suggest I should look into? I definitely wouldn't mind an excuse to go shopping this weekend.

Bridget xx

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